Rep. Stanley and Rep. Lawn request emergency $50,000 for Healthy Waltham’s Expanded Food Pantry

(March 30, 2020) – In a letter to House Speaker DeLeo and Rep. Michlewitz, Chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Rep. Stanley and Rep. Lawn requested an emergency $50,000 for

Healthy Waltham (HW), a community health organization that promotes healthy eating, active living opportunities, and mental wellness for the most vulnerable of Waltham, including families with young children, recent immigrants and low-income seniors.

Due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Waltham is expanding its two food pantries’ offerings for families and seniors. Food Pantry for Families provides families will receive essential groceries such as fresh fruit and vegetables, canned goods, dairy, frozen meats, and toiletries. The increase in service will go from 300 bags of groceries per month to 600 bags per month — an increase of 100%.  Food Pantry Delivery for Seniors provides door-to-door delivery service of groceries and essential toiletries, such as canned goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and sanitary goods. This service will increase from 200 bags of groceries per month (2 per senior) to 400 bags of grocery per month, an increase of 100%. Groceries will continue to be delivered directly to seniors’ homes.

“The number of Waltham families and seniors who need this critical service will continue to increase as our state copes with the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic repercussions,” said Rep. Stanley. “During recent weeks, our country has been working frantically to respond to and make sense of the coronavirus pandemic that has taken a stranglehold on our communities.”

Healthy Waltham’s mission is to remove barriers to access, education and affordability, making healthy living more accessible to those who live and work in our community.

“Waltham’s families and seniors need access to fresh food and toiletries during this crisis,” said Rep. Lawn. “This funding for Healthy Families help the organization expand its much-needed pantries and ensure that those in the greatest need receive these critical services.”