Rep. Stanley signs bill to assist non-profits in providing for COVID-19 unemployment benefits

Rep. Stanley cosponsored legislation aimed at assisting non-profits in providing for COVID-19 unemployment benefits. The federal CARES Act will cover 50 percent of unemployment benefit costs for many business and nonprofit organizations. This legislation will match the federal aid dollar for dollar making it possible for thousands of nonprofits, from the arts, to social services, to public health, to public gardens, to retain their employees post-crisis and to continue their priceless contribution of service to communities across the Commonwealth.

Not all nonprofits pay into Unemployment Insurance because layoffs are rare at smaller nonprofits in particular. This means they are responsible for 100% of their employee’s UI benefits should they need to send their staff on furlough due to COVID-19. As self-funded institutions, most nonprofits have no way of raising the revenue to do this during the coronavirus crisis.