Reps. Stanley & Lawn announce increases to local aid & state aid for public schools

Representatives Thomas M. Stanley (D-Waltham) and John J. Lawn (D – Watertown) announced today that the Legislature and Governor Baker agreed to ensure increases to local aid and state aid for public schools across the Commonwealth, including the Ninth and Tenth Middlesex Districts. This agreement will allow the towns and school districts to better plan for the upcoming school year and avoid significant budget cuts, which were feared by many.

“The Commonwealth and our municipalities are facing some truly unprecedented financial challenges as a result of the pandemic,” said Representative Stanley. “This agreement will ensure that cities and towns can continue to provide critical services to all our residents.”

“Additional funding for public education to account for inflation and enrollment changes is covered under the agreement,” said Representative Lawn. “Overall, this commitment could not come at a better time as local school districts will also be eligible for federal funding ($450 million) to assist with educating student students during the pandemic.”

For FY21, the agreement commits to providing no less than the FY20 level of funding for unrestricted general government aid (UGGA) and chapter 70 education aid. Additionally, it commits to Chapter 70 increases for inflation and enrollment increases. This commitment provides an additional $107 million in aid over FY20. Each school will also be receiving Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief and Coronavirus Relief Fund monies in order to provide assistance for schools’ reopening needs. These funds were appropriated by the United States Congress and are being distributed through state government.

The total amount of funding in the 9th Middlesex is as follows:

• Waltham schools will receive a total of $15,541,249, a $695,106 increase over FY20
• Lincoln schools will receive a total of $1,174,169, funded at the same level as last year
• Watertown schools will receive a total of $5,858,595, funded at the same level as last year

Unrestricted General Government Aid (Local Aid) will include:

• Waltham – $10,197,155
• Lincoln – $722,906
• Watertown – $7,083,057

These funds are level funded at the same level as last year.