Rep. Stanley cosigns letter encouraging action on the issue of prevailing wage for offsite fabrication

Rep. Stanley signed onto a letter supporting H1599, legislation he cosponsored relative to compliance with the prevailing wage laws of the Commonwealth.  H1599 extends the prevailing wage laws to encompass all workers on a public works project. Currently, prevailing wage laws only apply to onsite construction and fabrication and not offsite fabrication. This allows unscrupulous companies to avoid paying a prevailing wage by moving a portion of their construction work offsite. These companies are able to increase their profits at the expense of workers. There has been a rapid movement to more offsite fabrication where the state has less direct oversight and workers are paid less.

As the Commonwealth continues to experience the fallout as a result of the pandemic, public works projects have become even more important as private projects slow down. The Commonwealth has an obligation to its workers to ensure they are being afforded a living wage so they may live in the communities they have helped build.