Rep. Stanley supports legislation to reduce single-use plastics from the environment

In a letter to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, Rep. Stanley submitted written testimony in support of H.869, legislation to reduce single-use plastics from the environment. Foam polystyrene and solid polystyrene are types of plastic common in food take-out food containers and other every-day items. They are non-biodegradable material. Continued usage of polystyrene plastics threatens significant harm to our wildlife populations and ecosystems. When these materials are littered, they break down into extremely small parts and eventually enter into the food-chain of various species, blocking their digestive tracts and causing starvation.

Under H.869, food establishments in the Commonwealth would be prohibited from using, selling, offering for sale, or otherwise distributing products made from foam polystyrene and/or solid polystyrene including: disposable food service ware; meat trays, fish trays, seafood trays, vegetable trays, or egg cartons; and distributing packing materials, including packing peanuts and shipping boxes that are not wholly encapsulated within a more durable material.