Letter to the Editor: City needs to be friendlier to business

On Tuesday, May 6, I called a citizens input hearing before the City Council’s Economic Development Committee to learn more about the city’s inflow and infiltration (I&I) policies, in response to the many complaints I’ve heard from businesses over recent months and years. The hearing was well attended, and what I heard was downright alarming! The message from businesses was loud and clear: I&I policies are hurting our local economy, depreciating the value of commercial assets and chasing new businesses out of Waltham and into nearby towns. Businesses, both large and small, shared stories of other businesses leaving town because Waltham’s I&I policies simply don’t make sense. Other communities with similar I&I problems have found thoughtful ways to remove I&I without hurting local businesses and Waltham needs to do the same. Read full letter.