Election 2019: Questions of the Week (Waltham News Tribune) – Week 1


  1. How would you describe the City of Waltham?

The birth place of the American Industrial Revolution, Waltham has a proud history of education, innovation and labor and is home to Bentley University, Brandies University and numerous business world headquarters.  Waltham is a New England economic power house with over $100 million annually in commercial revenues and more hotel rooms than all but Cambridge and Boston.

Waltham is an ethnically and racially diverse city; residents come from all over the world to join our proud community.  In past years, our city embraced newcomers from countries including Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland and Canada.  In recent years, we welcomed Latin Americans, South Asians, Indians, Haitians and Ugandans among others. We are a stronger and more cultural city thanks to these residents’ presence and contributions.

Waltham is more than just a place to live. It’s my home and my neighbors are my family. I have spent my entire life here, watching generations of my family give back through community service. This life experience has had a profound impact on me and my commitment to public service and community. There won’t be a day that passes that I won’t be thinking of ways to make my community even better than it already is.