Waltham receives funding for local transportation infrastructure projects

Rep. Stanley announced that Waltham is set to benefit from a substantial infusion of funds dedicated to local transportation infrastructure projects. An allocation of $581,301, derived from the revenue generated by the Fair Share Amendment, complements the $1.5 million already granted to Waltham in FY24 through the Chapter 90 program. This funding initiative, part of the broader commitment by the Healey-Driscoll Administration, sees a total of $100 million being distributed to the state’s 351 cities and towns to bolster local infrastructure.

The financial support, originating from the Fair Share Amendment, empowers communities to embark on construction, preservation, and improvement endeavors, fostering the longevity of capital facilities. Eligible projects encompass an array of initiatives, from highway developments to pedestrian and bicycle facilities, including the installation of sidewalks, bicycle lanes, new pavement, retaining walks, crossing signals, and other essential elements of transportation infrastructure.