Rep. Stanley To Chair Joint Committee on Elder Affairs

(Boston, MA) – February 22, 2021 – Rep. Tom Stanley (D-Waltham) has been selected as House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs during the 2021-2022 legislative session. The Committee on Elder Affairs considers legislation concerning the continuum of care of elderly, handicapped elders, nursing facilities, prescription drugs, reverse mortgages and senior pharmacy, among many other issues.

“It is an honor to be appointed House Chairman of the Elder Affairs Committee,” said Rep. Stanley. “In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that older citizens receive critical services and resources. I look forward to continuing to be a strong advocate for seniors in Waltham, Lincoln and across the Commonwealth.”

Since taking office, Rep. Stanley has worked collaboratively with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs as well as local Councils on Aging on issues important to seniors such as health care services, housing, long-term care, transportation, economic well-being, nutrition, family and community support and security. Most recently, Rep. Stanley has focused on getting a more effective corona virus response from the state administration. “The state’s rollout of the vaccine has been frustrating.  It should not be this difficult for our older residents to get vaccinated,” said Rep. Stanley.

“Massachusetts has a proud history of supporting our growing senior population.  Advocating for seniors has always been a priority of mine,” said Rep. Stanley. “It is critical that our state and local government provide the necessary resources to support our older citizens during this pandemic and in years to come. I welcome that challenge.”

Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) will serve as the Senate Chair alongside Rep. Stanley.