Rep. Stanley Addresses Alzheimer’s Association

To kick off Advocacy Week, Rep. Stanley addressed members of the Alzheimer’s Association this week. Rep. Stanley expressed his support for the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement to increase public awareness and to help improve government response to the serious conditions of Alzheimer’s and dementia. He congratulated Representative Balser on her well-deserved recognition as a true champion for those with Alzheimer’ s and dementia.  The meeting also featured a panel discussion with Senator Lewis, Representative Gregoire, Representative Farley-Bouvier and Representative Ayers.

As Chairman of the Elder Affairs Committee, Rep. Stanley helped secure increased funding in the FY22 budget for needed mental health services and substantial investments in the human service and senior health delivery workforce. By increasing compensation to frontline workers, homemakers, personal care and home health aides we increase opportunity for elders to live safely in their own homes and for families to get assistance. Moving forward we are committed to expand funding for skilled nursing facilities, home care, family support services, and community health resources.